Short Films

At Home by Bill Bryson / Short Film (2021)

Excerpt: Written by Bill Bryson
Bryson, Bill. At Home: A Short History of Private Life. Doubleday, 2010.
Created and Narrated by Jack Lundquist
Scored by Matt Loreti
Special Thanks to Mumsy and Dad and Leaman Mere Images

Silent Study Bounce (2017)

On the library’s “Silent Study” floor, you’re trying to find the person or thing that photographed your sneakers without permission. It leaves bouncy ball drawings taped to a bookshelf—the same drawings flashing on the computers when you first got to the library.

Trump Family Graduation (2016)

The Secret Service and security treated everyone as a threat to Trump and Joe Biden at the 2016 UPenn graduation. Friskers patted us down, snipers spied on us from the upper-decks, and agents with ear pieces whispered about things. I feel a quiet excitement as a potential threat—knowing or believing I wouldn’t really do anything.

OCNJ (2017)

You filleted your early morning catch (a small blue fish) making it into a picture frame. It’s a keepsake to remember the strange day at the beach. There was a magician who played baseball, or baseball cards, rather.

Music Videos

Felt Cute, Might Delete Later (2020)

Collaboration with:
Michael Hudson-Casanova (alto saxophone)
Sandy Eldred (bass)
Sarah Rot and Sam Assemany (Dance and videography)
Jack Lundquist (video editing and production)
Tom Spiker at Undercarriage Studios (audio mastering)

Educational Videos

Spying On Deer (2020)

Man meets nature series for my after-school students. Made during the 2020 Coronavirus quarantine.

Episode 01: Canadian Geese
Episode 02: Frogs and Toads

Lundini Magic School (2020)

Magic trick tutorial series for my after-school students. Made during the 2020 Coronavirus quarantine.

Episode 03: Disappearing Sticks
Episode 05: Floating in the Kitchen
Episode 02: Telekinetic Pen


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