Sea E. O. (2018)

Collaboration with Ben Mattoon

Picture Frame, Gulf Wax, Crayon, Beanie Baby Beads, Expo Marker, Expo Eraser, Electrical Wire, Wax Paper, Battery-Powered Lightbulbs, Steel Brackets (for mount), Fish Filter (hidden, for humming sound)

Height: 15″, Width: 11.5″, Depth: 1.5″

Augustine’s Cap (2018)

Caps – Fabric (dyed with colored drawing ink), Embroidery, Cardboard and Cotton Balls (for cap construction)
Height: 1.5″, Width: 1.5″, Depth: .5″

Hooks – Brass Wire, Brass Nails
Height: 9mm, Width: 4mm, Depth: 4mm

Seat Cushion – Upholstery Fabric, Pillow Stuffing, Plywood
Height: 3.5″, Width: 14″, Depth: 12″

Apple Cracker (2018)

30+ strangers filmed me in a public park performing a magic-esque routine with a foam apple slice and portable tabletop. I was trying to realize my dream of being an “old world” street peddler.

Tabletop – Plywood
Height: 8″, Width: 14″, Depth: 11″

Apple Slice – Foam, Construction Paper, Colored Pencil, Acrylic Paint, Hot Glue
Height: 1.5″, Width: 3″, Depth: 1.5″

Assorted Sculptures (2017-2021)


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