Making It

I gave the following two-part prompt to my friends who recently graduated college.

1. Draw a picture of what you and your surroundings will look like once you've "made it," and describe the picture in writing.

2. Describe what your drawing of "making it" would have looked like while you were in college.

See their responses below, and click "Read More" to read each response's full text.

Jack Lundquist - August 2020
"I’m outside a café in Europe in the early afternoon with a burly, slobbering man—a new, great friend who I can talk to in a language I’ve been studying for the last few years." Read More

Anonymous - October 2020
"It was 7 damn hours giving all of me to the mountains! It isn’t just about the physical reward, but the freedom to just be..." Read More

Anonymous - August 2020
"I am doing work that...encourages all people (especially youth) to respect one another and reject systems of oppression. I am teaching kids raised as boys to reject toxic masculinity and care for their own bodies and hearts." Read More

Saskia Globig - August 2020
"Old friends and former lovers arrive, and in a dramatic moment of confrontation, we appraise the success we’ve each arrived at." Read More

Mikey Cabezas - August 2020
"There is sun. A butterfly lands on my nose and we make eye contact." Read More

Marisa Finkelstein - October 2020
"Colors, welcoming pictures and messages, and flags from all over the world invite my new students into an accepting, safe, and fun space." Read More

Tectona Reuggen - August 2020
"My home is bright and airy, and in my living room...a few people are shooting a porno titled 'The PISSolution of the state'. I am an openly queer mayor of a town, anywhere, with the power to bring direct change to my community..." Read More

St. Omach's Foot - October 2020
"I was placing my happiness as the end goal for my life plan, when I should have been including it in every step of the journey!" Read More

John Huggins - October 2020
"I imagine...coming back from a walk in the woods to a humble but beautiful cottage. I live alone with two bicycles—one is for guests." Read More

Tommy Ryan - September 2020
"I feel inspired by the world around me, and through that, I am able to inspire others." Read More

Anonymous - August 2020
"I am mowing the yard, while reading...I am as focused on the book as I can be, without letting my attention wander too much. Otherwise I might run right over my big toe." Read More

Ben Mattoon - September 2020

Want to Contribute a Response?

I'd love to post your drawing and written answers to the prompt, below. Email them to me at [email protected].
*Let me know if you want to be named or anonymous.

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3 years ago

It is so fun seeing everyone else's versions of "making it". Thank you for putting together this collaboration, Jack!

Mary Eisendrath
3 years ago

I love everything about this. *Thank you*.

Amy Ward
3 years ago

Interesting way to connect!


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