Christians On Self-Judgment

In this podcast interview I asked five Christians the following questions.

1. When you feel guilt, do you have trouble knowing if Jesus is judging you or if you are judging yourself?

2. At the moment, what do you think Jesus would say is strengthening your relationship with him and what is weakening it?

Listen to the interview through the streaming services below.

Want to Contribute Your Answers?

Whether you're a current or former Christian, I'd love to post your written answers to the interview questions, below. Email them to me at [email protected].
*Let me know if you want to be named or anonymous.

Reader Answers

Anonymous - April 2021
"I am...more in conflict with myself. I think in such situations it is important to recognize one's own mistakes and to be able to admit them to oneself." Read More

Princeton Cangé - March 2021
"We stopped talking because he wanted me to only listen to him. He and his other friends immediately condemned any exploration into different ways of living and learning." Read More

Anonymous - March 2021
"I think Jesus would say...being open about my complexes I have about strengthening my relationship with him." Read More

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10 months ago

I actually love this interview. Its very calming listening to their responses and inspired me to answer these challenging questions. Great work Jack!

10 months ago

Sipping my morning coffee and reading through this. I’ve got something to reflect on today! Thank you!


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