Sharing Different Opinions in the Classroom

In this podcast interview I asked five educators the following questions.

1. How can a teacher facilitate a classroom in which students feel safe to share differing opinions?

2. Please share a memory when you shared a differing opinion in class. How did your teacher and classmates react, and how did you feel?

Listen to the interview through the streaming services below.


Jeanne Mastriano - 10th grade English teacher, Lower Merion High School, retired

Linda Patterson & Claire Yoo - 1st grade co-teachers, Friends Select School

Michael Gary - Head of School, Friends Select School

Barbara Given - Special Education teacher and reading specialist, retired

Want to Contribute Your Answers?

Whether you're a current or former teacher or student, I'd love to post your written answers to the interview questions, below. Email them to me at [email protected].
*Let me know if you want to be named or anonymous.

Reader Answers

Gary Watson - April 2021
"I regularly taught courses such as 'philosophical issues in race and gender'...I would begin with the joking question, 'What’s a white guy doing teaching a course like this?'" Read More

Anonymous - April 2021
"...give every person the opportunity to be listened to in a way that doesn't feel forced, so that the conversation isn't only had by the few who are more vocal." Read More

Anonymous - March 2021
"Where student opinion negatively affects other students, we work collectively to strive for transformation." Read More

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