North to Katahdin: Appalachian Trail Documentary

In 1984 Tim Hogeboom hiked the 2,100 mile-long Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain, Georgia to the summit of Mt. Katahdin in North central Maine. He carried a 16mm camera to record the feat for his planned documentary North to Katahdin. I welcomed Tim to the Cafe Ribbit podcast to talk about the psychological experience of hiking the AT while documenting it to create a piece of art. He also shares how the hike influenced his ability to trust himself and that both he and my dad celebrate springtime by plunging their faces into flowers.

Listen to the interview through the streaming services below.

Excerpt from Tim's film synopsis

North to Katahdin is a tapestry of moments, moments of ultimate challenge, transcendent beauty, high triumph and quiet reflection. What the viewer gets is one hundred percent trail footage, filmed at over 200 locations along the entire Appalachian Trail...Cinematographer Thomas Hogeboom hiked the entire length of the trail in 1984 with professional 16mm camera equipment, then returned to seven states for additional footage, including aerials, in 1985. This is the earliest known footage ever shot for a documentary on the AT. Post-production (film editing, sound editing and the like) lasted until 1992, when North to Katahdin was released.

The Film


Book: Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

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