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Newest Projects

Tudor Style Dog House (2021)

Benevolent Hound distributed nine dog houses (to be auctioned off for charity) to nine Philadelphia-based organizations and tasked them each to find an artist to design and paint their dog house. Lower Merion Conservancy is the organization that commissioned me. They preserve natural and historical sites in my hometown, one of which is a neighborhood called the English Village.

My dog house is a shrunken down recreation of the Tudor Style houses in the English Village. When I was a kid my family drove past the neighborhood, close enough to see the houses' tips and rooflines above high hedges. I was in wonder—the half-timbered construction seemed of another, long-ago time.

The design features light wood carving to define the half-timbered wood beams and slate roof tiles, and around the back end, I painted my dog Finn's snout emerging from an open garage door with a dry autumn leaf in his mouth. He's collecting native plants and flowers to decorate the inside of "his" house, which you can see balanced on and hung in the windows.

If you would like to bid online, please visit the Benevolent Hound Auction

At Home by Bill Bryson / Short Film (2021)

This film’s narration is an excerpt from Bill Bryson’s book At Home and is about the absurd measures Victorian royalty took to ensure that their meals arrived piping hot at the dining table.

Most everything is a handmade miniature made from paper, pipe cleaners, fabric, and beads, and my mom provided some beautiful dollhouse items.

Excerpt: Written by Bill Bryson
Bryson, Bill. At Home: A Short History of Private Life. Doubleday, 2010.
Created and Narrated by Jack Lundquist
Scored by Matt Loreti
Special Thanks to Mumsy and Dad and Leaman Mere Images



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