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Newest Projects

At Home by Bill Bryson / Short Film (2021)

This film’s narration is an excerpt from Bill Bryson’s book At Home and is about the absurd measures Victorian royalty took to ensure that their meals arrived piping hot at the dining table.

Most everything is a handmade miniature made from paper, pipe cleaners, fabric, and beads, and my mom provided some beautiful dollhouse items.

Excerpt: Written by Bill Bryson
Bryson, Bill. At Home: A Short History of Private Life. Doubleday, 2010.
Created and Narrated by Jack Lundquist
Scored by Matt Loreti
Special Thanks to Mumsy and Dad and Leaman Mere Images

Felt Cute, Might Delete Later (2021)

I started playing tenor saxophone in September 2020, and after a few months of teaching/squeaking myself through Youtube tutorials, I asked a local saxophone teacher if he’d give me lessons in exchange for me producing his video projects. He said yes, so I made a spreadsheet titled “Bartering” to log our hours.

I’m happy to have this relationship and creative exchange. Enjoy our first music video collaboration, “Felt Cute, Might Delete Later,” featuring…

Michael Hudson-Casanova (alto saxophone)
Sandy Eldred (bass)
Sarah Rot and Sam Assemany (dance and videography)
Jack Lundquist (video editing and production)
Tom Spiker at Undercarriage Studios (audio mastering)



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